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The VeriFone Omni 3200SE Credit Card Terminal is an improved version of the Omni 3200. The Omni 3200SE has a more user-friendly printer, a more compact design, larger memory and better processing performance.

With the Omni 3200SE, VeriFone has made a number of improvements to one of its best selling credit card terminals. It features a new clam shell printer for fast and easy loading and is 30% smaller than the previous mode. I also has more memory and better support for gift cards and check processing.

  • 30% smaller footprint than the original Omni 3200.
  • Integrated thermal printer produces receipts and reports at up to 13 lines per second.
  • Unique "clam shell" design has drop-in paper-loading. The hinged paper cover can't get lost.
  • Easy-to-use ATM-style interface, with angled rubber keys and screen-addressable function keys, virtually eliminates clerk training and minimizes input errors.
  • Large (8x21), durable, liquid-crystal display is backlit, for improved readability under any lighting conditions.
  • A single power cord and convenient cable connections simplify installation.
  • Processor - Z180 CPU
  • Memory - 1 MB RAM; optional: 512K
  • Display - 128 x 64 pixel graphical LCD display with backlighting. Supports the following configurations: 6 x 8 characters/8 rows x 21 columns; 8 x 16 characters/4 rows x 16 columns; 16 x 16 characters/4 rows x 8 columns
  • Card Reader - Bi-directional: supports triple track (tracks 1, 2, 3)
  • Keypad - 3 x 4 numeric keypad, plus 8 soft function keys and 4 screen-addressable keys
  • Peripheral Ports - Two telco ports, one RS-232 port, and one PIN pad/Barcode port
  • Printer - Clam shell, thermal, 13 lines per second; paper: 2.25 in (58mm) standard roll; single ply
  • Protocols - Application selects between asynchronous protocols (Visa 1, Visa 2, and others) and synchronous protocols
  • Physical - H: 79 mm (3.1 in.); W: 132 mm (5.3 in.); D: 260 mm (10.25 in.); Weight: 785 gm (1 lb. 11.45 oz.);
  • Environmental Operating Temperature - 0° to 40° C (32° to 104° F)
  • Operating Humidity - RH 90% maximum
  • Voltage - Standard: Input 120 VAC, 60 Hz Output: 22 VAC, 2A; Optional: Input 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz Output: 24 VDC, 1.5A


The Nurit 2085 Credit Card Terminal is a compact and flexible credit card processing machine. You can even Customize the Nurit 2085 for increased efficiency. The Nurit 2085 credit card terminal is one of the most popular and reliable in the industry.

The Lipman Nurit 2085 provides everything you need from your credit card terminal. The menu-driven display of the Nurit 2085, combined with its 4 "soft keys" and 4 "hot keys", make using this unit fast, customized and efficient. The Nurit 2085 built-in thermal printer ejects highly legible receipts at a rapid rate of 12 lines per second.


With the Hypercom T7P terminal you get both a credit card terminal and a printer in an appealing integrated solution. Merchant Warehouse offers the Hypercom T7P with both thermal and friction printers at Guaranteed Low Prices.

Please note that the image shown is of the T7P with a thermal printer. If you would like to purchse the thermal printer version, pelase click here.

The Hypercom T7P integrated terminal and printer includes an attractive list of features to guide your customer transactions. The 35-key keyboard features single stroke activation for check, debit, void, refund, and many other functions.

  • Small footprint
  • 35-key keyboard is easy to learn; simple to use 512K memory
  • Under 10 second dial transaction response times
  • Clerk-friendly operations make it easy to change paper and ribbons
  • Cashier replaceable printer module
  • High visibility 2x20 back-lit LCD display
  • Full track 1 and 2 card reader is standard
  • IC card reader option
  • Regardless of your POS application, the Hypercom T7P is a winner when it comes to price-performance.
  • Memory - EPROM 32K; RAM 512K; Optional 1MB
  • Display - 2 lines x 20 characters, back-lit LCD; Options: 64 x 128 pixel graphics display
  • Printer - Integrated roll printer at 1.7 lines/second, 40 columns, 2-ply no-carbon paper 2 1/4 inches wide by 100 feet, 5x7 font
  • Keypad - 35 keys; Options: 59 keys with QWERTY Keyboard
  • Card Reader - Tracks 1 and 2 simultaneous; Options: Track 3
  • IC Card Reader - ISO8316; Options: EMV compatible
  • Communications - LAN, RS485, 2 wire or 4 wire
  • Auxiliary Ports - PIN Pad, RS422/RS485; Options: RS232
  • Modem - 1200 or 2400bps
  • Reliability - Key Life: 350,000 Operations; Card Reader: 400,000 Reads; Printer: 900,000 lines MCBF
  • Peripheral Compatibility - S7C; S7SC; S8; CS7GC; P8S; P8F; S7GCB; ICR1
  • Physical - H: 4.5 in (with full 3 inches diameter roll of paper); W: 6.25 in; D: 11.5 in (301 mm); Weight: 1.98 pounds (2.40 pounds with paper)
  • Environmental Operating Temperature - 32° to 113° F
  • Operating Humidity - 15% to 85%, non-condensing
  • Power - +24Vdc, 200mA